TASSIMO Costa Latte coffee pods – 5 pack – 40 servings



  • Description
    • Pack of 5 T-Disc coffee pods
    • A total of 40 drinks
    • Each pack consists of 16 T-Disc pods
    • 8 coffee pods and 8 milk/sugar pods
    • Each cup of coffee requires one of each pod
    • Special Costa Latte flavour coffee at the touch of a button

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Tassimo Costa Latte coffee pods

This is a pack of 5 sets of coffee pods, with each pack consisting of 8 T-Disc ground/roast coffee pods and 8 filtered milk concentrate pods.

Each Latte drink requires one of each pods to be used – so you’ll get 40 drinks out of these pods.

Special Costa Latte flavour – specially crafted blend of coffee beans with a silky smooth taste and foam.

Tassimo Costa Latte T Disc coffee pods - pack of 5
Brand: Tassimo
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