Handpresso Wild Hybrid Portable Espresso Maker



  • Description
    • The smallest portable espresso machine currently available
    • Very eco-friendly
    • Non-electrical design
    • Hand pump quickly and easily creates the 16 bar pressure needed for quality espresso making
    • Can use ESE pods as well as ground coffee – best of both worlds!
    • Comes with 2 year manufacturer warranty

Who should buy the Handpresso Wild Hybrid Portable Espresso Maker?

If you are one of the many espresso-lovers out there who always want access to a quality cup of coffee, then the Handpresso Wild Hybrid is perfect.

It is a completely portable coffee pod maker, meaning you can whip up a great espresso at any time – whether you’re in the car, in the office, waiting for a train…. you get the idea!

The Handpresso Wild Hybrid features a hand pump which can easily create the 16 bar pressure you need to make a great espresso from ground coffee, and also has an ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pod adapter for the ultimate in versatility.

No battery or electricity is needed to make a great cup of espresso – just use the pump and add hot water (from a kettle or a thermo flask).