Handpresso Auto ESE Portable Car Espresso Maker



  • Description
    • Makes great espresso in your car
    • Fits into the vehicle’s built-in cigarette lighter for power
    • You just need your ESE pod and some water
    • Unit delivers 16 bar pressure for coffee-shop quality espresso
    • Conveniently fits into your car’s cup holder
    • Comes with 2 year manufacturers¬†warranty

The Handpresso Auto is a revolutionary coffee pod machine – bringing the renowned convenience and quality of coffee pods to your car.

Just plug it into the car’s cigarette lighter socket, add the pod and some cold water and you get coffee-shop quality espresso made in your car.

Making espresso couldn’t be easier with the Handpresso Auto, when the water and pod is in place just press the button, wait for the three beeps and voila – your espresso is ready.

Then just position the nozzle over your cup, release the button pour your drink and then relax with a great cup of Joe!

Perfect for those who drive a lot on business and those on long journeys – no more wasting time in service stations to get a good cup of coffee.

What coffee pods can be used with the Handpresso Auto?

The Handpresso Auto is compatible with what are known as ESE pods – Easy Serve Espresso.

These are a standarised form of coffee pods, so are available from a variety of different brands – most of which are readily available from all major supermarkets.

Brand: Handpresso
£113.73 New