Gaggia RI8323/01 pod compatible Gran Manual Espresso Machine



  • Description
    • Machine can make manual Espresso as well as pods
    • Great pressure gives full Espress taste
    • Classic Gaggia milk frother to make perfect Cappuccino’s
    • Cup plate on top of the machine makes it easy to always have a spare cup to hand

Who should buy the Gaggia RI8323/01 pod compatible Gran Manual Espresso Machine

This manual Espresso maker from Gaggia is a great machine for those who like to mix making coffee manually as well as using pods.

Gaggia have balanced the benefits of coffee podding and manual coffee making in the RI8328/01 – so you really can have the best of both worlds.

Tell me more…

This pod/manual hybrid machine from Gaggia comes in a compact, professional-looking design and features their new Crema Perfetta Filter Holder, which guarantees a delicious and long lasting Crema with every cup.

Other features include:

Classic milk frother

Gaggia’s own classic take on the milk frother, traditionally referred to as ‘Panarello’, turns milk into a delicious froth in no time – so is great for making Latte Macchiato’s, Cappuccino’s and lots more. It also uses hot water to make cups of tea with.

15 bar pressure

The consistent 15 bar pressure ensures you always get a consistent and authentic Espresso taste with this machine.

Cup plate

The machine includes a cup plate on the top, so you can always have a cup ready – you’ll feel the benefit of this first thing in the morning!

Compatible with coffee pods

The machine can be used as a manual coffee maker with a filter for one or two cups of ground coffee, and it also features a special filter to allow what Gaggia calls ‘easy serve Espresso’ (ESE) pods.

This means you get the full convenience of using coffee pods, as well as the opportunity to make great ground coffee when the mood strikes you.