Gaggia Baby Class RI8157/40 Coffee Pod Machine



  • Description
    • Combined ESE pod and manual coffee maker
    • Coffee filters for one or two cups of ground coffee
    • Special filter for ESE (easy serve espresso) pods – giving you a choice between freshly ground coffee or pods
    • Features solenoid valve which provides a widespread coffee shower with no hotspots
    • Consistent temperature delivered from the professional-class chrome brass filter holder and ring
    • Rotating panarello steamer attachments allows for easy access for quick and efficient milk frothing
    • Great for lattes and cappuccinos as well as espresso

Gaggia Baby Class RI8157/40 coffee pod machine

Gaggia’s stylish and compact Baby Class coffee pod machine is designed for simplicity and quality.

It makes excellent coffee quickly and easily, and allows for very simple cleaning.

The Baby Class RI8157/40 can be used to make coffee via ESE (easy serve espresso) pods, as well as ground coffee – so you get the best of both worlds!

Enjoy brilliant, professional-tasting espresso as well as cappuccino and latte with this great coffee machine.


Solenoid valve

The three-way solenoid valve is an exciting aspect of the Gaggia Baby Class, which regulates the water pressure – a rare feature for semi-automatic coffee makers that are designed for home use.

Solenoid is a type of electro-magnet, and the solenoid valve in this machine helps to produce a consistent coffee shower which prevents annoying ‘hotspots’ the can burn the damage and affect the taste. It boasts extremely precise pressure so there are no drips and the coffee grounds are drier – so the machine is much easier to clean after use.

Use ground coffee or coffee pods

Want the great convenience of coffee pods along with the freedom to make manual ground coffee whenever you want, then this machine is for you!

The Gaggia Baby Class comes with two special filters to give your ground coffee that perfect crema, and a ESE pod filter built-in – so you can switch between the two whenever you want.


Gaggia Baby Class RI8157/40
Coffee machine
Brand: Gaggia
Model: Baby Class
Product ID: RI8157/40
£299.94 New