Bosch Tassimo T55 TAS5542GB coffee pod machine



  • Description
    • Great Bosch/Tassimo coffee pod machine at affordable price
    • Makes coffee as well as teas and hot chocolate at the touch of a button
    • Uses special Tassimo T Disc bar code system to make the perfect beverage every time
    • Very energy efficient flow heater technology creates hot water immediately
    • Features adjustable and removable cup stand and drip tray

Bosch Tassimo T55 TAS5542GB coffee pod machine

The T55 is a brand new design for the Bosch/Tassimo family of coffee pod machines, which hasĀ a host of useful and time-saving features – including:

  • Barcode technology that reads the pods and automatically brews the perfect drink
  • In-built ‘steam-purge’ that automatically cleanses the machine, ensuring no taste transfer between pods
  • Unique ‘one-touch’ operating system
  • Adjustable cup stand and stainless steel drip tray
  • Cable storage – meaning no messy wires getting in the way in the kitchen
  • Energy efficient heating system
  • Built-in Brita water filter makes sure your drink is always pure

Full features of the T55

T55 features

What pods does the T55 use?

As a Tassimo machine, the T55 uses their proprietary T Disc pods which feature the special barcode technology.

T-Discs are available in over 40 different varieties from top coffee brands like Kenco, Cadbury’s, Twinings, Costa and Carte Noire.