How many calories are there in coffee?

Coffee calories

Typically coffee is a beverage that is very low in calories.

If you have just a plain black espresso with no sugar, the drink will only have maybe between 1-2 calories in it.

A cup of coffee can become much more calorie-rich when you start adding extras like milk, cream and sugar.

Here’s how many calories 1 tablespoon of the following extras will add to your brew:

  • Heavy whipping cream: 52 calories
  • Table sugar: 49 calories
  • Half-and-half: 20 calories
  • Fat-free milk: 5 calories

Coffee is generally quite a bitter-tasting drink, so a lot of people add extra ingredients to sweeten their beverage – which is where all the extra calories tend to come from.

Therefore, coffee can become quite a high calorie drink when you drink large volume cups (i.e. from a high street coffee shop) – so if you are watching your weight then you really need to stick to black coffee.

Here’s a quick chart detailing some estimated calorie counts for different coffee drinks:

Calories in coffee


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