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Benefits of coffee pod machines

Thinking about switching to coffee pods for your home or office but need a bit more convincing?

Here’s some of the great benefits of coffee pods to help you make up your mind:

Coffee pods are easy!

Using coffee pod machines means you can make quality coffee quickly and easily.

With coffee pods, there’s no need for complex procedures like grinding, dosing and tamping. Just stick the pod in the machine, turn on the hot water and get a high quality cup of coffee quickly.

Pods keep coffee fresh for longer

As coffee pods are hermetically sealed in individual pods, the flavour and aromas are perfectly preserved until the pod seal is broken. So the great flavours are only unleashed when you actually make your coffee, not before!

This means you can stock up on lots of great coffee without the fear of it going stale before you get round to enjoying it.

Pods come in a variety of coffee types and flavours

Instead of spending lots of money on expensive coffee grinding machines that only make espressos, coffee pod machines give you the flexibility to make all kinds of quality coffee.

Whether you fancy an americano, a caramel latte, a cappuccino or any other type of coffee that might take your fancy, a coffee pod machine gives you the freedom to have what you fancy whenever you want.

Pod machines create less mess and less waste

No more manually grinding coffee beans and having to measure your dosage means no more spillages over the worktop. The only cleaning you need to do is putting the pod in the bin when you’ve made your coffee.

Is it worth buying a coffee pod machine?

One of the biggest benefits of opting for a coffee pod machine is the low entry price. Good coffee pod machines can be purchased for as little as £80 and they make great tasting coffee very easily.

If you like your coffee and want a convenient and fast way to make it in the home without the mess and hassle of grinding beans, then coffee pod machines are well worth it.

However, make sure you factor in the costs of the pods for the machine as well as these will be a factor in the overall economics of your machine.

What are the energy costs of running a coffee pod machine?

All coffee pod machines that are on sale in the UK are subject to EU regulations regarding energy efficiency and safety – which includes the auto-standby features that many of them claim are added features. They’re not, they’re required by law!

Most coffee pod machines use about 0.010kWh per espresso, which means it costs about £0.01p to make 7 espressos.


How often will my coffee pod machine need to be cleaned?

A common problem with coffee pod machines is that they can clog up if not properly maintained.

If you follow the manufacturers guidelines though, you shouldn’t have much of a problem.

As a general rule, all coffee pod machines should be cleaned every 2-3 months (depending on how often they are used).

The cleaning process differs between manufacturers, so always refer to your documentation before you start cleaning!

Do coffee pod machines only work with specific coffee pods?

For the most part, yes.

The best rule of thumb is to look at the official name of your coffee pod machine. If the name includes a brand of coffee pods i.e. ‘Dolce Gusto’ or ‘A Modo Mio’ then you can be sure that only those pods will be compatible with it.

Other brands of coffee pods may work with your machine, but to make sure your machine always works to its optimum level it is worth sticking to the correct brand of pods.

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